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In an economy where expenses are ever increasing and life’s fast pace does not allow the luxury of staying at home to oversee our own or shared community resources, it is not uncommon in community schemes to have staff unsupervised most of the working day, week, or indefinitely. 

Staff that do not have clear guidance from a management level are left to shape and determine their own workload capacity. Although this may work in some cases, it is most often very inefficient. 

Staff who are not accountable for productivity will become unproductive and apathetic over time. 

Southern Resourcing Services, bridges the industry gap by providing a cost effective, reliable management service for employees of community schemes. 

We work closely with the board to structure a suitable management presence to work with the scheme's budget. 

Services include: 

  • Adopting the role of staff supervisor and point contact 

  • Fixed scheduled site visits 

  • Random site visits 

  • Frequent staff meetings to openly discuss the staffs' concerns and workload / item status 

  • Providing staff with clear instruction of the job requirements 

  • Management of staff leave 

  • Tracking of staff projects and workload items 

  • Motivating and encouraging staff for work completed to instruction 

  • Reporting monthly to the board and managing agent on staff progress during the previous month 

  • Supply of consumables 

  • Attend site inspections 

As an extension of the SSTM administration service, Southern Resourcing Services is geared to dovetail with the existing management offering, however, the service is offered as a standalone as well. 

Chat to us about a bespoke solution and formal proposal. 

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The effective management of any building project is entirely necessary and something that is often overlooked in community schemes, leaving contractors to "self-manage".
This inefficient approach can often lead to compromised quality, increased repair costs in the long term, and general frustration for the Trustees and other stakehoders.
Speak to us about project management services tailored to your requirements.



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The Sectional Title Schemes Management Act obligates all schemes to compile a Maintenance, Repair & Replacement Plan (MRRP).  Although legally limited to Sectional Title, it is good practice to perform this task in any community scheme.

General observation report investigating the building’s current condition of the common areas.

The MRRP identifies the current condition of the capital items on the property; when each item will have to be maintained, repaired or replaced; and what the cost will likely be. 

This 10-year forecast provides a reasonably accurate budgeting platform for the reserve fund.